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NEW! Updated Q&A - Official Launch

Official Launch Q&A -- Updated October 2014

What is different about LSN's new compensation plan?

LSN has updated and improved the comp plan! We didn't think it could be done, but we did it!


View the PDF here:



What is the new "Entrepreneur" product?

The newly added entrepreneur level product offers mastermind training with industry leaders, as well as the white-label app license. 


In addition, the Entrepreneur level product qualifies members for the entrepreneural TBS


If you were formerly at the Pro level (paying $149.95) you will automatically be upgraded to the Entrepreneur Level when you update your billing, as it is the same price but more value. 


See comp plan here:

How do I take advantage of the new compensation plan?

Ensure you do not miss out on sales but updating your billing info through your back office. All billing must be updated by NOVEMBER 1, 2014

Why does my TBS commission not show?

We are currently updating the TBS based on our new compensation model. In addition, because we have migrated to a new merchant (in order to avoid additional costs our members would have incurred) we are allowing time for all members to update their billing info so that they do not miss out on commissions, or lose their spot. We will update on this as we go, however all members have until November 1, 2014 to update their billing.

Why do I need to update my billing?

So that you do not lose any commissions and/or your spot, we recommend all members update their billing by November 1, 2014 through their back office. 

How do I update my billing?

Please log into your back office and you will be prompted upon login.

Why am I not seeing any renewing payments for October?

Because we have switched merchants and do not store cc info, all members must update their billing info. Once your downline does this, you will see their payments updated for recurring billing. 

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