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Lead System Network is a legally vetted, debt free, privately owned company that has already sustained the test of time by owning the parent software company from which it was born; LCPS, or Lead Capture Page System. LCPS has successfully been in business for over 7 years and has serviced hundreds of clients in the marketing industry.


It has a proven success record of clients who make over $100,000 a month, using our system to market their product. Because of this, we know that Lead System Network, and its product has value that is undeniable. 


We have spent countless hours testing and creating tools geared for the internet marketer. The proof is the success that our clients have already gained with Lead Capture Page System. Now with Lead System Network, we are bringing these tools to the broader market where the new marketer and new business owner can benefit as well as those seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs.


Lead System Network understands the concerns and/or questions many marketers will have about the legitimacy of any company, and that’s why we have gone above and beyond to ensure that we are above board on all marketing policies. We hired renowned MLM Laywer, Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton LLC in the very early stage of LSN to launch LSN on a sound,proper, and legal footing. LSN has complied with, and completed, all suggestions and followed all guidelines to ensure a long, legitimate business for all. LSN is here to stay

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